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Thread: Wine making

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tincandtoke View Post
    Just thought this thread from another site might help with infused wine
    The author of the thread makes beer and spoke about adding cannabis oil to his malt mixture

    ~External Link Removed~

    Maybe cannabis infused homemade beer and wine would be a way of introducing folks to these arts
    Just throwing it out there.....
    Hi Tincandtoke, as much as I understand you were trying to share information with us here (and it's appreciated), external links are not allowed..I've gone ahead and removed the external link from your post.

    Might be a good idea to refresh yourself with our Rules/FAQ ..thanks for your understanding.

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    Humble apologies, overzealous in my posting (high)

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    I had no idea this was a thing. COOL

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    Ahhh the memories of going to parties with a few 2ltr bottles of my dads homebrew wine back in the day.
    I am thinking about brewing my own beer in the near future,just gotta pester my neighbor and find out where he buys everything.

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