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Thread: Easy aeroponic tutorial for everyone.

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    Default Easy aeroponic tutorial for everyone.

    6 Bulkhead or /grommets/pvc threaded/ + accesory.

    3 mesh pot.
    1 powerful air pump. I got a hygger 265 GPH adjustable.

    2 large round airstone rounded, small bubble one with suction cup. Make sure its firmly pressed. You wont reopen your bucket when the plant get big. 12LPM air capacity per airstone each for me.

    Drill air tube last gap.

    Drill your hole for bulkheads at 2.5 inch from ground with a 35mm holesaw. Size of holesaw vary for bulkheads. Connect the three 5 gallons together. This is a 3.5x3.5 tent. Adjust the bucket distance etc and calculate your tubing/pvc.

    Small water pump in your reservoir, used to flush, circulate water.

    I got a small air pump Uniclife for my reservoir because my 265GPH pump has 2 outlet. I got another 265GPH 2 outlet but that would be overkill

    My water pump ia only 80GPH but get yourself a high pressure one that you can adjust, always better more than not enuff. Your air pump has to be at least 10watt. High air flow 4 inch round stone for me 12L/min

    In your reservoir, use a ~15 inch tubing to be able to transfer to a 5 gal next to tank for flushing and use it as a water circulation device ( point it toward the bulkhead with a 90° adapt or pit the pvc tube into bulkhead as long as its not the same size ( lol ) ( insert tubing to water pump ( summersible ) to remove water and do a flush.

    The reservoir is used for liquid nutrients, ph measuring, tds meter for fertilizer strenght test/EC/temperature check. And FLUSHING

    Thats my setup. And i think its verry nice.

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