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Thread: Help me get 2gpw

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrGreen View Post
    i have 3030 high bin led pannels bro, they 200 watt each and a 420 watt, in the current formation of a 1.2m tent x2.4 there all in a row, causing a 400watt crossover of lights,

    my new set is 2x2m giving me 200mm more space and a square footprint, in the formation of 9 plants and all plants in 3,3,3 formation where the lights wil be positioned as they have a 1.2m spread means all 4 200watts light crossover and my 420 central crosses all, so all plants recieve a crosover from 1200watts instead of a 400watt crossover,

    there not old led tech and ya cant buy them either, im a tester for a leading commerital led company brittish/usa/canada medical cannabis lights, there 2yrs old 3030 epistar chips, 3500k

    my frist grow with 1 in test was auto gorilla glue from dinafem, 200watt 10weeks in 20l airpot, 12.5 oz and 2 foot penetration,
    my latest im waiting to w8t up tomorow, but ended with what u can see in the pic up
    That auto Gorilla Glue is a beast,pulled 9.5oz dry from mine in a 12ltr fabric pot under 220w of 3500k LED recently,was my first attempt with LED I binned the popcorn as I couldn't be bothered trimming any longer lol.

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