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Thread: Chillies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max - LEDTonic View Post
    Peppers are day-neutral and don't require a specific length of photoperiod.

    Taking it to the extreme, we can probably get good results with everything between 4-24h. Some say that peppers need to rest at night while some growers say they get good results with 24/0. between 16-18h seems to be the most popular photoperiod. My peppers are thriving with 18h and 500 PPFD, which results in just above 30 DLI (Daily Light Integral):
    LEDTonic's guide to DLI

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    Just seen your chillies Max LEDTonic. Very impressive mate. I must research more on these lights. I see people talking about intensity and Par but its all alien to me atm. But I'll read up more on them and if I have the spare funds I'll enquire more nearer the time
    You should enter this comp

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    Thanks Cannabug I just entered some pepper competition but I'm not sure if we're talking about the same one.
    Farmshop will most likely beat us all, though. He has an awesome greenhouse, seems to be fluent in capsaicin and even has a venus flytrap. I'm seriously jealous!

    We're fluent in alien (light intensity) so don't hesitate to drop a dm or comment in our subforum if you have any questions. Light is our fav subject and we always love to chat!

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    Seem to be loving the migro
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