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Thread: Decent strains for a PC grow??

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    Default Decent strains for a PC grow??


    So my first grow (OG Kush auto) is ready to harvest and I’m ready to plant another bean! I’m growing in a PC case (stealth and space reasons) so very limited space.

    Anyone have any ideas on a good auto strain to grow next? No preference between indica or sativa, only thing is that it needs to be a shorter plant that would fit in my small grow space.

    I’ve read all the online lists but I wanted to ask here for some of your personal picks


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    I had a humboldt blue dream that grew really well in a small pot, good luck gettin them though lol. Seedsman white widow photoperiod was good, probably do an auto too

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    I've only grown a handful, but for what it's worth I've never found size a problem and I think you've got a bigger case than I do. As long as you're around often enough, especially during the stretch as it goes into flower, I'm sure you'll be able to manage it one way or another.

    The RQS Quick One I did a while ago is still a really nice lemon-y smoke and was easy as anything to grow, I'd definitely recommend that. But to be fair the last grow I did was some freebie photo cheeses and I ended up pretty happy with those as well, and the blueberry I did inbetween was a lanky fucker but worked out fine and smokes nice. I guess my point is just have a go at whatever tickles your fancy, unless you really need a low odour strain then being in a small space needn't restrict your options much.
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    I'd say none, surely nowt is gonna be worth the hassle and do they made 10mm carbon fans and filters for the pc case, lol
    good luck, it would be nice to see your present grow when finished.

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