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Thread: Pot size debate.

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    6ltr airpots for me going 8years+now. depending on how long i veg, i can get anything from 4-7oz per plant in coco.

    tried the 15ltr ones a few years back and it would take an even longer veg than normal to fill with roots. not to mention all the extra nutes used. literally double, plus some. good if your scroging and need time to fill the screen.

    imo. 6-8ltr airpots are good for a veg time between 4 and 6weeks long if like me you are in coco and feed up to 2x daily.

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    It's the usual trade off between what is best for the grower and what is best for the plant.

    There is a volume of media that makes sod all yield difference if you increase it. It might make a difference as to how long you can leave them unattended though. If you're in the habit of of disappearing for a week or more at a time, then bigger pots yield better.

    The rule of thumb is 1oz per litre of pot size if you want minimum media expense. 0.5 oz per litre if you want minimum grower hassle. iow, A bit over 5oz per 5L pot will happen if you know what you're doing. 5oz from an 11Lpot is a piece of piss, no skill required. (Subject to grow room being good enough.)

    The better the media, the smaller the pot required for a given weight. ime, yield per litre of media works like this:

    Fytocell > Coco > P/V > Soil.

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    Currently using a 30L fabric pot at the moment for the first time. Using coco and perlite. I haven’t filled all of it, so likely around 22L at the most

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