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Thread: THC Oil to procuuuure!? Ok to ask!?

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    Question THC Oil to procuuuure!? Ok to ask!?

    Hi all newbie here - hope I find you in good health.
    Straight off the bat guys & gals and I don’t mean to overstep the mark or step on anyone’s feet but I’m in a bit of a pickle and I could do with a bit of help or guidance or a nudge in the right direction

    As the title says I need some full-spectrum THC somewhere in the UK as my current source in Holland is becoming a bit erratic and unreliable at times. I need it for medicinal reasons for real as I have a chronic autoimmune condition which I was diagnosed with at 23 and I’m now 38 and isolated with a whole array of health problems both mental and physical but with THC/CBD I’m able to control my symptoms and I can live a semi successfully life. With long term health probs, my mum suddenly dying 2 years ago, near homelessness and recent crazy events I really have needed it to get out of bed more than every and I’m trying my hardest to get better in every way regardless.

    So as I said if it’s not acceptable to ask this question on this forum I apologise but I’m seriously looking for anybody or anyone who can help get me specifically full-spectrum reasonably priced THC bottles/ capsules like I have from Holland and/ or any other CBD related products.

    Thanks in advance and God bless everyone of you.
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    Welcome to the Talk dude, enjoy. Sorry, but we Grow our own and make our own Meds, no buy or sales on this site. There is lots of information on growing and making of RSO and other types of meds. Just look around the forms and do some reading up on the subject.

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    Ahh dang no worries I guessed that would be the case. Ho hum. Unfortunately I’m not in a physically or financial situation to set myself up with my own rig but thanks anyway. I guess I’ll still hang around as there’s always plenty to learn right!?

    I just wish it was legal instead of having to faff around like this. My friend in Canada just walks in right of the street and gets what she wants and it helps with her anxiety and sleep. I have to resort to buying ‘street weed’ like I’ve done for years which makes me para and anxious and I don’t have a clue what’s in it.

    So happy when I discovered the THC bottles from Holland but customs and unreliability have become an issue.

    Never mind. Hey if anyone fancies sending me a DM feel free...otherwise I shall bud you adieu for now

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