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Thread: Switching to LED

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    Default Switching to LED

    Hi all,

    I am a novice indoor gardener with old school lights and although I have had good results with them the cost to run 3 of them and the heat in the tent
    (late 20's to late 30's)has me questioning should I splash out on more modern LED lights for my next grow..

    My tent is 1.2mtr x 2.1mtr x 1.8mtr in height (4' x 7' x 6' height)

    I have a budget of around 400 - 500 uk pounds (or cheaper) lol.. but I have no clue on which brand of light to go for and no clue on the size or if I will need more than one light?

    Im currently filling my tent with 3 plants that were grown from clones but im wanting to try 4 or possibly 5 x Autoflowers from seed next time in my tent and im really hoping that someone can help with some info on a good but not highly expensive LED..

    From what I've researched so far im pretty fond of the spider farmer range but im not sure on size or strength or model..

    If anyone has any good results and a brand at a good price im all ears!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    Stay Lit..

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    Some led guys in the sponsor section, have chat with them they'll tell what you need

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    If you want to fully cover your grow tent area to 100% you might need to put a little bit more into your budget.

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