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Thread: so Garden of Green website.. wtf

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    Arrow so Garden of Green website.. wtf

    so seedsman website is having massive trouble updating its website, so a few strains im interested in are from Garden of Green. I take a look at Garden of Greens website to get more info and see if they mail to the usa. I think they do mail to the usa. Can somebody confirm?

    And here's where i start getting confused, red flags, etc.. The Garden of Green website doesnt even have info on most of the strains im interested in. The GoG strains listed at seedsman arent even listed on the GoG website! Isnt that odd? They have several cbd hybrids listed on seedsman but 0 on their site. Also, Expert seeds are listed all over the place on the GoG website. I guess they're partners or the same company?

    Then under frequently asked questions, customs question, the answer says "Barneys Farm is not responsible for blabla". Wtf?

    Is it a bogus website? am i eternally stoned? is GoG, expert seeds, and Barneys Farm all owned by the same entity? Thanks

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    Seedsman homepage has been slow for a long time.......


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    Not sure about the Garden of Green website. We're growing some Garden of Green Kosher Kush right now, and they are BEAUTIFUL plants. Had 100% germination and they are stacked all the way down the stem. I'd definitely be interested to try a few more of their strains.

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    I won't deal with any company that will not show me a physical address
    If you can't beat it, laugh at it

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