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Thread: Clones leaves yellowing and having brown spots, drooping, purple stems and lockup

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    Default Clones leaves yellowing and having brown spots, drooping, purple stems and lockup

    It's for sure an OG strain but the grower I got it from said it's Scott's OG.
    50 clones.
    mixed in 50% coco with 20% lime 15% perlite 15% vermiculite
    using Co2 supplementation.

    every nutrient solution consists:
    unsulfured cane molasses
    h&g cocos a and b
    advanced nutrient cal mag
    roots accelerator bionova
    bud xl bionova
    BN zym bionova
    Phd down with sulfuric acid.

    week 1: got them in little coco cloning sack and transplanted the same day in half a liter solo cups, stems looking purple stems but everything was going fine.
    using a 1x1m tray.
    Fan blowing directly at the plants going right to left on "level" 1.
    height of one lumatek 600w was unmeasured but about 40-70 cm away from the plants.
    accidently gave the girls 700ppm on day 2 solution ph was 5.7.
    saw a lite burn but growth was going along great.
    Temps this week night 22 day 30.
    CO2 700-800 ppm.

    week 2: switched light on 75% and increased height of lamp to 130cm from canopy.
    Added a CO2 controller bought at a local growing store that can be found online, just a Chinese orange controller hooked up to my 12l tank.
    they got the same feeding just with 200 to 300 ppm after 24h every day getting dry really quick.
    Fan was blowing directly at the plants going right to left on "level" 1.
    got transplanted at day 7 roots looking amazing sprinkled mycorrhiza moved them into 4 liter pots watering 400ppm solution with a ph of 5.8.
    up until now day temperatures of about 30c and night temperatures of 22c.
    at day 9 I noticed growth was starting to slow drastically.
    at day 10 the room got completely sealed, added another lamp that's when things started going real bad with the purplish color going red and blackish grayish purple stems with yellow leaves and droopiness, gave them compost tea at day 11 and 12 consist of banana peel, 25 years old aloe Vera plant leaves from outdoor garden, unsulfured molasses and bionova root juice, adding an oxygen pump letting it sit for 16 hours the first feed and 36 hours the second feed.
    End of week 2 CO2 at 1000-1100 ppm.
    RH day 65-80% night 80-95% still waiting for the paycheck.

    week 3: day 14 I though I was underfeeding since I flushed and runoff was 200ppm and ph was 6.1 so i gave a 1000ppm feed with 5.6 ph.
    we went back to 25% on the lamps.
    got the day temps to 27c and night temp 23-24c.
    sealed some holes near the window with silicone and changed the ac "mode" to automatic mode RH is now 55%-70% at day and 60%-80% at night.

    here we are now at day 16 and same symptoms just worse
    but plant growth starting to pick up a little bit with new stems popping out of nodes about each node is 2 cm apart from each other and new stems grew 2 cm in 3 days.
    Plant growth look stunned for over a week now.

    I do not know what to do anymore, today i gave each about 60 ml of water each plant, water per 5l had 2.5ml 33% hydrogen peroxide and sprayed epsom salt quarter teaspoon for 1l help me please.
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