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Thread: Win Dos Si Dos from Gorilla Seeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy stoner View Post
    What's a zoom out comp
    The 'Zoom Out' is a comp I created and run here for the Talk members, it's a fun one and gets the members banging their head on the wall trying to guess what the object is, causing many a sleepless night

    Description - I post images that I've taken of an item/object zoomed right in, and the members have to try and guess what the image is of. I slowly zoom out in stages, to reveal more of what it could be! ..until it is finally revealed in the last photo. The member who guesses what the object was first, wins the prize.

    Here is a link to the last 'Zoom Out' Comp - Ice's Zooooom Out Competition!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrC View Post
    It's so satisfying getting one right
    Haha yeah, it seems to bring out all kinds of emotions

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    Ok I remember that game. It was a load of fun. I'm in that would be nice.

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