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    Experience as a grower: been growing more on then off since 1988. Mostly outdoors directly in soil. Maybe 10 indoor grows

    Grow: Outdoors, Raised Bed, Native Soil/Compost

    Started: Beginning of 3rd week in May 2022

    Seed: Sown directly in soil

    Fertilizer: 0 during veg/ 0*1*3 during late flower

    General Weather Conditions: very hot and humid summer/cold sunny fall

    High temps: 99f

    Low temps: 33f

    Pests: average

    Disease: mild rust, pm, and rot (loss+-10%)

    Characteristics: -large robust plant (10'tall/10'dia.)
    -Enormous full bodied Colas and plump secondary buds
    -Dark green plant that almost blackened during late flower. Very little die off for late fall fan leaves, undersides of indica style leaves took on a silver color. Overall plant was beautiful from beginning to end.

    Flowers: Large, fragrent, greasy, 2 shades of green (direct/shaded light) and purple highlights, decent amount of trichomes

    Smells: -early flower smelled of candied pineapple followed by a nauseating sour milk aftertone
    -late flower smelled of pineapple followed by a pleasant spicey flower aftertone

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    Let's talk smoke

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    Harvest: Oct 27, 2022, Night, 32f

    Dried: Hung in basement, dark, dehumidifier set to 65% week 1/60% week 2, cracked window, indirect box fan on low, temp 62-65f

    Cure: burped once daily for 1 week in cvaults, burped after 2 days 1lb grove bag

    Yield: 2lbs plus

    Trichomes:20 to 30 percent amber top of flowers, 70-80 percent under parts of flower

    Smells: pineapple has faded into a mild tropical fruit followed by a softer floral aftertone

    General Taste: sweet fruity inhale w/ a tingly menthol exhale

    Vape: sweet/floral

    Bong: floral

    Glass: floral

    Joint: starts off as a sweet fruity inhale/menthol exhale, but is overtaken with the menthol until oil is pulled through and hits your lips and then the taste of sweet fruit resurfaces

    Dabbs: powdered doughnuts with a mild floral aftertone, by far the best flavor I have ever experienced in 48 years of tasting

    Pressing for oil: I'm learning, but it seems to be an excellent cultivar in comparison to the other 3 I have experience with

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    Effects: strong, night time, muscle relaxant, heavy body, mentally calming but stimulating

    -Would be excellent medicine after a hard physical day, sit back and enjoy your favorite music or have a fun conversation with your friends,


    Overall thoughts: a great growing experience, however it was way bigger then I expected (see seed description from breeder) It did ok outdoors and was not 100% disease resistant, but 10% is great in comparison to my experiences. It did a good job with pests. I will definitely grow it again, but not outdoors. She was probably my favorite to date.

    Grow diary:
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