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Thread: New grow but a bump in the road?.... 18 days in

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    I personally leave my light on 24/7 as it keeps the temps up for me but saying that my plants leaves always go to shit by the end but I think that’s me leaving them too long without water like a tit, good luck with the grow m8
    I smoke pretty much all of the time so if I waffle shit please forgive me lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoMicroClub View Post
    Interested to know why this is MrG. I have been using it this time.

    I cannot help the topic and many have more knowledge than me but for 18 days this is a concern. I have an Fast Bud II which to be fair is a super fast auto and I have
    leaf set 5 open and 6 just appearing on day 15. You definitely don't want them damp all the time, they have to have a dry spell, it is a judgement game
    with seedlings at 2 leaf stage, constantly look for cannoe-ing for too dry or drooping and claw for too wet. I use the water a gentle ring around the seedling
    so it influences roots to grow into that water source. Then once they lookdecent and have 2-3 leaves should be ok to water normal wet/dry.. but never over saturating.

    sorry thought it was soil also.Good luck.
    A quick Google search will tell you why it's not the best choice for weed.

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    I could not find much except the obvious to not use sparkling water. Current plant is thriving on it so I will carry on, it would be to expensive to use
    on anything but a micro grow once you are 5 weeks in the drinking would be quite a lot on a big plant.

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