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    Default Planet of the Vapes Lobo

    Thinking about getting a POTV Lobo Dry herb vaporizer. For those who have one do you like it?
    Pros and Cons of it. Will solely be using it for dry herb

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    Red face

    I'm new here, but I do! I have the lobo, and I'm kinda obsessed with it.

    -actually portable/pocketable (I'm a woman, so I'm not a fan of the bulky vapes)
    -cute; mine is in green
    -pretty cheap, I think around $160
    -option to use different potv glass mouthpieces, and lots of options to choose from
    -option to use dosing capsules, which apparently I really like
    -hybrid heating (I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sure how convection/conduction feel separately, but together it seems quite robust!)
    -straight forward; it turns on and automatically heats up to the last set temp with 3-quick clicks
    -not really something I care about, but two power options (removable battery and charger)

    -I've heard people say that it's not as strong/stronger than the Volcano/Venty, but I haven't tried those so can't compare myself

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    I have a PAX 3 & it's fun

    Most people seem to agree that, no matter which vape you have, it's not as hard hitting as a smoke. I tend to just use a ROOR Stem-Roller these days.... it does what it says on the tin LOL (apologies to non UK residents who won't understand the reference LOL)
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