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Thread: First attempt making RSO

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoizonIvy View Post

    *I put the alcohol and 1 jar in freezer overnight

    *I took the shake-and-shit, trim, and all, put it in cold jar, and filled the jar with enough alcohol to cover the product

    * Shook the ever loving crap out of it for five minutes

    *Ran out of time again, and put the jar back in the freezer for a couple days (shake it up every day it’s in stasis!)

    *I put cheese cloth over the other jar, secured it with the ponytail tie, and scraped out sludgey, green mess overtop the cloth with the spatula

    * Squeezed out the cloth, and poured the green juice into my Infuzium machine to cook it off at 174 degrees until it reduced significantly

    *Then cooked the rest down on the nonstick pan, keeping it the same temp

    Attachment 444787
    And cooked…
    Attachment 444788
    Attachment 444789
    Finally, got all the alcohol cooked off (notice no more bubbles)
    Attachment 444790
    I won’t get into the details, but suffice it to say, shit gets sticky quick, so don’t wait to suck it up in a syringe..

    Attachment 444791
    Attachment 444792
    We filled 4 syringes with the oil, though there’s more than 1ml in each (I marked ml line in red). I thought the pan was done for, but hubby added a teaspoon of coconut oil, and it deglazed the rest perfectly, and resulted in a thinner, tinctur-esque type results..

    Attachment 444793

    Funny story…As I was rushing to get all this green gold into the syringes, I got some on my fingers, so OF COURSE, I licked my fingers to try it…

    Never slept so well in my life.. and that was after a few hours of a delightfully chill buzz.

    This turned out well, and I’m looking forward to trying this again, as well as vape oil.

    High Vibes

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    Nice one mate glad the effort you put in paid off. Can't wait to try making it, but mostly getting battered off it

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