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Thread: Seeds in bud

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    Default Seeds in bud

    We brought seeds from Barney's farm. They are dried and just done a trim and found seeds in the bud . Couldn't see any seeds in the bud until we trimmed. They say all the seeds are feminized so don't get why this has happened. Is it something I have done while growing or have they sent me a male seed any help

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    Seeds happen from time to time. It can be caused by genetics or environmental stressors. It happens. Most common cause other than genetics would probably be due to light leaks. Malnutrition and bad watering habits will do it too. Bugs can also do it among other things. It wont hurt anything. You can still smoke it and get desired effects. The biggest drawback when it comes to seeds is that the plant energy swictches from fueling bud growth to producing seeds. Well, that and bag appeal lol. wouldnt recommend using them because iirc its atleast a 50% chance that plant will carry the same trait. If theyre underdeveloped then that means whatever happened occured later in the grow, if theyre hard theyve been coooking a while. Try to keep a good eye on your plants because a lot of the time you can catch it before they cause major problems, also a good idea to lolly pop plants becuase ist very common for it to happen at the bottom of the plant where the bud sites are whispy anyways.
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    Why would you think a male plant would produce seeds?

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    The last couple of grows I've noticed one or 2 plants developing bananas at the back end and and one or two seeds and I've used barney's seeds for ages. But like others have said could be other factors

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    It could be a multitude of things... but if it's only a few, I wouldn't give it a second thought
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