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Thread: Bud Of The Month - April 2024

  1. Default Bud Of The Month - April 2024

    Bud Of The Month - April 2024

    Come on us a picture of your best bud/cola!

    It can be dried & manicured or still on the plant as long as it's a clear picture of a single bud/cola

    You never know, you might just win and take home a lovely prize!!.. what's the prize you ask?

    A Beautiful, THCtalk Mug!!


    Lastly but by no means least...The Exclusive and Prestigious BOTM Bling!!

    Need help with what to write on your sign?..just click here - POTM, BOTM, WPOTM 'Sign Templates' - Easy Print!

    Rules ;

    These Rules are important so please take the time to read them well as we will not budge on them, check this thread for an explanation ;

    Why We Are strict With Our Comp Rules! - Linky

    1. 1 picture of 1 branch/stem per member.

    2. The entry deadline is: - 30th of April -

    3. All plants MUST be alive during this month. However, the bud can be cut, manicured, and dried if you wish - don't just show us the contents of your bud jar... We ain't daft!

    4. All members must have a minimum of 10 forum posts before they can enter or vote.

    5. All pictures must have a sign of some sort with your Username,, BOTM with the month and year written on it in the picture, and clearly visible..
    It would also be very helpful to include your plant strain.

    6. No photoshopping or messing about with you photo... We ain't daft!

    7. There is no prize except for a warm fuzzy feeling of being the winner

    8. Once a plant has won the bud of the month comp, that plant then becomes ineligible for future competitions.

    9, Members may not use their one vote to vote for themselves, it is a public vote and anyone seen self voting will be disqualified

    10. To make it fair for all, we just need to see the branch/bud, not the whole plant

    11. Last but by no means least, no messing about or being unsporting... This is meant to be fun and fair.

    Good Luck!

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    This was incorrectly added as POTM, it's now been fixed

    Country_Budz, your entry will be shifted over to the POTM thread once MrC creates it

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    Have a surprise few Autos lol ugly as fuck but il have an entry

    Up the irons

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    Giving this a little bump

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