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Thread: Homegrown Fantaseeds Armageddon by adambomb.

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    Default Homegrown Fantaseeds Armageddon by adambomb.

    Diary Link.!

    Strain info.
    HF Armageddon Indica sativa hybrid.

    Number of grows completed.
    3 indoor hydro ,1 outdoor soil.

    Grow equiptment,location and style.
    dr120,wilma 4pot,600w mh/hps light/ballast,220wcfl blue,6"extract/filter ,4"intake,horticare nute management pens,tower fan,6"clip on fan,growstar reflector,budbox scrog utility shelf,high quality surge protected extension lead,1kw lighting contactor ,pH up/down.
    the grow was in my bedroom and my style was flamboyant aggression hehe.

    Flairform greendream grow
    Flairform greendream bloom
    Flairform growstorm
    Flairform budstorm
    Growth technology liqiud silicon
    House and garden roots exceluerator

    Weeks of veg.
    8 abusive weeks

    Weeks of flower.
    10 weeks .
    (that could be shortened without the abuse of the scrog technique,and the recovery time needed by your plants should be considered when embarking on a scrog)

    Colour of trichs at time of harvest.
    3 plants were 50/50 amber/milky.
    1 plant was 20/80 amber/milky.

    Wet yield.

    Drying time.
    7 days till snap dry.

    Dry yield.
    763g or just over 27 and a half ounces.

    Curing Time.
    over a month now and ongoing.

    Bud density.
    9/10 what can you say,literally rock hard.

    Bud appearance comments.
    very hairy and orange shot through with purple / lavender colours and extremely crystally,excessively even.

    8/10 fluffs up quite nice BUT the crazy resin content will make a mess of your grinder .

    Smell in veg.
    3/10 if you like pungent weed in veg wtf lol.10/10 if you want to stealth it.
    very low odour,smelt a bit like chocolate biscuits when roughed up a bit.

    Smell in flower.
    again very low fruity odour with a hint of skunk until the last 3 weeks when it started to hum of skunk quite strongly,nothing the cf couldn't handle though.

    Smell after curing.
    very fruity upon opening the jar,almost a bubblegummy quality with an accrid flavour that reminds me of the 2p anglo bubblys i used to get as a nipper,then that fades off into the background as an earthy skunky hash smell penetrates through everything and stays as the main scent.

    Smell of smoke.
    hashish and skunk,not mad punngent though ,it takes a few bongs and joints until fresh air is needed.

    very pleasant hash tasting herb predominantly with hints of the bubbly taste i mentioned when you exhale.not bad at all.

    The high.
    total munchy couchlock ,very confused immediately after a bong or fat spliff .you could do a days work on it ,but i don't think you'd be happy about it lol, so i'd say it was an evening or skive day toke myself.
    i smoked a spliff before and got the munchies real bad,i've eaten like 1/2lb of beef just cut straight off the joint ffs,to hungry to butter bread and season must eat now!it lasts for a good 2-3hrs depending on dosage,i smoked a pure blunt on wednesday before going chrimbo shopping and nearly had a panic attack in argos when i thought i'd lost my money,i re-traced my steps back to the car ,no joy,"some bastards had it away by now"i thought,then i remembered i hadn't actually been to the bank yet.good shit.

    Length of buzz.
    2-3 hours off a good spliff,
    3 juicy bongs hit you fast and hard but fade off after about 40-50 minutes,wild 40-50 mins though.

    Good comments.
    yielded well for me and was easy to grow,i had 0 problems.
    from all 5 seeds in the pack,i yielded more than i hoped for so all good.

    Bad comments.
    i've developed a tolerance to this strain quite quickly.that may just be me though.

    General comments.
    this strain took alot of stick in the form of topping and training ,defoliation on a daily basis ,snapped stems the lot,whatever i dished out to them they not only accepted ,they thrived on it.very hardy and vigorous and grew well outdoors in my backyard in the uk climate finishing near the end of october.
    all 5 beans in the pack grew plants that were very similar.

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    nice one bruv. good report.
    When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all.

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    top report mate and some good points well made , i think with saying that alot more people definatly stealth growers are gonna be wanting to try that strain , it gets u nice and stoned and doesnt smell as much as most strains do when ur growing or smoking them , u get a good taste even though the smell isnt major and it takes stress like a walk in the park , oh yeah , and it flowers in 8 weeks to perfection , what more could u want ?

    nice 1 ads.
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