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    Subscribe to this Listing Add to favorites  Written by javadog      06-01-11, 01:14 AM     Views 8739 
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    Grow Report

    Grow Report
    Strain Name: White Rhino
    Seedbank: Clone
    Link to grow diary:
    Genotype: veg(indica) Flower (sativa)
    Grow location: Closet
    Nutrients used: Advance Nutrients 3 part • Bud Blood • Big Bud • Carbo load. Super thrive • Molassas
    Grow equipment: 600w MH/HPS 3 GallonPots
    Weeks in veg: 3
    Weeks in flower: 10
    Colour of trichomes at harvest: Mostly Milky/Few Amber
    Wet yield: lots
    Dry yield: 12 oz
    Drying time: 7 Days
    Curing Time: Ongoing
    Bud density: 6/10
    Bud appearance: 8/10
    Grindability: 10/10
    Smell in Veg: absolutly none.
    Smell in flower: A slight pine smell. not reconizable at all
    Smell after curing: wonderfull a bit minty
    Length of buzz: Long Quite suprised
    Good comments: Great plant to grow.Easy and forgiving.great appeal. very white. no problems with pm or mold.
    Bad comments: Bud density is a little airy.
    Overall rating: 8/10

    If You Dont Like My Fire Then Dont Come Around, Cause Im Gonna Burn One Down

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    Smoke Review

    Have you smoked this strain?: yes
    Good points: lasting head high,slight confusion followed by some sit down time. though not sleepy
    Bad points: turn into the cookie monster
    Would you recommend?: highly

    this plant is great for nubes and the vets.wonderfull to watch low oder and very forgiving. love heavy feed. responds well to topping,fim, or supercrop. plant is covered with thrichs and is a great plant to make hash.
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    by javadog
    06-01-11, 01:14 AM
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