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Thread: Sweet Seeds' Speed Devil - grown by Tasty :D

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    Default Sweet Seeds' Speed Devil - grown by Tasty :D

    Subscribe to this Listing Add to favorites  Written by tastyweat      08-02-11, 12:37 PM     Views 8576 
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    Grow Report

    Grow Report
    Speed Devil
    Seedbank: Sweet Seeds
    Link to grow diary:
    Genotype: Unknown
    Grow location: Indoors
    Nutrients used: Plant Magic
    Grow equipment: 400W MH • 600W HPS
    6" & 8" extraction
    DR80 and 1.2x1.2 buddha tent
    Biobiz Allmix
    Weeks in veg: 11 weeks from seed * auto
    Weeks in flower: 11 weeks from seed * auto
    Colour of trichomes at harvest: 40% Amber • 50% Cloudy • 10% Clear
    Wet yield: n/a
    Dry yield: 22g
    Drying time: ~7 days
    Curing Time: 2 weeks+
    Bud density: rather low
    Bud appearance: A bit leafy • required quite the involved manicure... but was worth the effort & while a bit airy • they look rather pretty
    Grindability: Grinds well • but does not fluff up at all
    Smell in Veg: Not noticeable
    Smell in flower: Mild and sweet... low odour • good for people with smell issues
    Smell after curing: INCREDIBLE! Simply amazing smell... it's sweet and tangy • hard to figure what to compare it too... best smelling weed I've come across yet... can't get enough of it!
    Length of buzz: Smoked 1/3 of a spliff at 1pm... couldn't pick the girl up from work at 5pm... from bong of vape it's shorter • but still quite long compared to others
    Good comments: Will DEFINITELY be growing this one again... I absolutely love it! The smell is the best i've
    Bad comments: Incredible shame the yield is so small... not even 1Oz from the plant and I've already gone t
    Overall rating: 9/10... only lost one point because of yield

    Wish I had the space to grow some more right now... heh

    Growing: Green Poison, NL5 Haze Mist, Original Amnesia, Critical Jack, Exodus Cheese, Power Skunk
    Have Grown: Blue Hash, Could #9, Blueberry, Orange Bud, Super Lemon Haze, Kandy Kush, Speed Devil, Fast Bud, Easy Ryder, White Widow... and loving every minute

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