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Thread: dekay does pyramid tutankhamon

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    Default dekay does pyramid tutankhamon

    Subscribe to this Listing Add to favorites  Written by dekay      18-03-11, 10:43 AM     Views 9769 
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    Grow Report

    Grow Report
    Seedbank: Pyramid
    Link to grow diary:
    Genotype: sativa dominant
    Grow location: indoors
    Nutrients used: tomorite • molasses • seaweed
    Grow equipment: 600 watt parabolic
    Weeks in veg: 5-6
    Weeks in flower: 9
    Colour of trichomes at harvest: all cloudy some amber
    Wet yield: lol
    Dry yield: 3-4 oz
    Drying time: 2 weeks
    Curing Time: 2 weeks
    Bud density: quite hard for a sativa bud
    Bud appearance: swollen calyx • sticky
    Grindability: yeah
    Smell in Veg: a plant
    Smell in flower: beautiful sweet smell
    Smell after curing: same
    Length of buzz: long hit and crash
    Good comments: The plant is a vigorous grower and it really likes to grow • suitable for scrog • or free growi
    Bad comments: Cant think of anything really • great plant to grow.
    Overall rating: Give her a go you wont regret it.

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