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Thread: Legoman hates football, but loves wembley!

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    Default Legoman hates football, but loves wembley!

    Subscribe to this Listing Add to favorites  Written by Bubbles LM      30-05-11, 07:53 AM     Views 8918 
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    Grow Report

    Grow Report
    Seedbank: Pyramid
    Link to grow diary:
    Genotype: Mostly indica
    Grow location: Indoors
    Nutrients used: Tomorite with seaweed extract
    Grow equipment: Soil • 11L pot & 400w HPS
    Weeks in veg: 4 proper weeks • plant a lot older.
    Weeks in flower: 8
    Colour of trichomes at harvest: 80% cloudy 20% amber
    Wet yield: unknown
    Dry yield: 1 oz 10 grams
    Drying time: 4/5 days
    Curing Time: 2 1/2 weeks
    Bud density: 10 • thicker than jedward
    Bud appearance: fat & squat with a lot of orange hairs.
    Grindability: perfect
    Smell in Veg: fruity • tempting and quite sweet
    Smell in flower: same as veg just more so
    Smell after curing: smells like a cross between teen spirit and a lemonade sparkle
    Length of buzz: 3-4 hours • very decent :)
    Good comments: All of them • this is a keeper • so chuffed with it!
    Bad comments: I didn't grow enough this time.
    Overall rating: 9 • I love it • I'm growing it again • right now!

    Legoman @ wembley

    Editor's Review

    Legoman hates football, but loves wembley!
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    Smoke Review

    Have you smoked this strain?: Yes
    Good points: Wasted for hours, makes me giggle like a fool constantly. Very good mood high, great flavour.
    Bad points: Indica so buds are smaller than sativas, only bad point I can thing of!
    Would you recommend?: Hell yeah, and I'd harp on about how good it is until I was told to be quiet.

    What a great smoke, recommended to me by a mod to grow outside, I flowered the mum
    indoors to taste her before the outdoor plants were done.

    Very glad I did, lovely taste, smell and high, can't big her up enough.. tri winning strain with thc blood.
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    by Bubbles LM
    30-05-11, 07:53 AM
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