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Thread: Grubs DNA Reserve Privada Headband Report.

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    Default Grubs DNA Reserve Privada Headband Report.

    Ok, after harvesting, drying and sampling the above strain here's my report...

    Link to grow diary: LINKY

    Strain and seedbank: - DNA Reserve Privada Headband

    Numbers of grows or years growing: - Several years!

    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: - Walk-in wardrob/storage room, 400W HPS, passive intake, TT fan/filter, Arthur Bowers Multi-purpose compost. Slight LST to the main cola.

    Nutes/Feed: - NONE!

    Weeks of veg: - 2

    Weeks of flower: - 11

    Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: Mostly amber

    Wet yield: weight of it before drying - Not weighed

    Drying time: - 7 days

    Dry Yield: - 4.5oz

    Curing time: - Not cured
    Bud Density ?/10: - 8/10

    Bud Appearance Comments: - Dense, thick, HUGE main cola!

    Grindability ?/10: - It grinds up lovely!

    Smell in veg ?/10: - 2/10 little smell

    Smell in flower ?/10: 9/10 VERY smell strain

    Smell after curing ?/10: 9/10...Strong... Cat piss mixed with cow shit kind of smell.

    Smell of smoke ?/10: - 9/10... Strong

    Taste ?/10: - 9/10... Strong taste

    The High ?/10: Complex... relaxing, a bit giggly, cotton wool head, not couchlock.

    Length of buzz ?/10: - 6/10...Quick effect, not a creeper, effects wear off after around 1 hour.

    Good comments: - Easy to grow, good yield, needs no feeding at all, nice relaxing smoke (not very strong). Good flower to leaf ratio.

    Bad Comments: - Taste is very strong and not very pleasant... smells and tastes like cat piss mixed in the cow shit!

    General Comments: All in all it's a great strain to grow and would make an ideal first grow strain. The taste and smell is not the nicest in the world and is very strong... If you'd never tasted weed before and this was your first sample it would probably put you off a bit.

    Overall.... I would give the strain 8 out of 10!


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    mmm cat piss n cow shit........ Could be worse it could be dog shit

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    Totally agree with the catpiss smell , and the rest tbh apart from the yield , I only got just over 3 Oz dry
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    Congrats of sorts but cat piss dont sound good mate lol.

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    The High ?/10: Complex... relaxing, a bit giggly, cotton wool head, not couchlock.

    id try it just for that comment

    cheers grub,great report.
    of to read the diary now,lol

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    Im growing this right now, did any of your seedling come out with twisted leaves at first? 2 out of 4 started out looking like a science project but then righted themselves on second set.

    BTW I smoke this strain frequently and cant say i ever compared the smell to cat piss and cow shnit...
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    I liked the headband that I got but im not sure what breeder it was from.Mine didnt have the cat piss/cow shit odor or taste (thank goodness lol) but i agree that it was a nice strain.Thx for the report tho cuz now i think i will forgo growing it,at least till i try some of my other better sounding strains.
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    it tastes good after a while in the jars dude, mine had a lovely sour apple taste and smell
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    intresting read grub lol i dont think i would like to give that a bash if your saying it smells like cat piss mixed with cow shit

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    That sounds delish to me haha i love strains that smell/taste like that, such unique terps


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