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Thread: Cannamancans Reserva privada Headband Smoke Report

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    Smile Cannamancans Reserva privada Headband Smoke Report


    Rite after having had good smoke of this headband heres the report im doing for cannaman...

    Link to grow diary: cannas headband growout

    Strain and seedbank: -Reserva Privada - headband - mostly indica - Sour Diesel x OG Kush
    Numbers of grows or years growing: - err?? a good few years...
    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: - 250w cfl for veg, scotts soil, 240 x 120 x 200 tent with 2 x 600s for flower...
    Nutes/Feed: - canna bio nutes and powertops
    Weeks of veg: 6 or 7 i think lol

    Weeks of flower: 8 or 9

    Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 70% cloudy 30% amber

    Wet yield: ????
    Drying time: 7 / 10 days

    Dry Yield: 3oz

    Curing time: ????

    Bud Density: 8/10

    Bud Appearance : niiiice solid buds

    Grindability ?/10: didnt need 1 as it just fluffed up when crumbled lol
    Smell in veg ?/10: ????

    Smell in flower 9/10: have been told shes a real stinker

    Smell after curing ?/10: ????

    Smell of smoke 9/10: real wiff to this smoke

    Taste 9/10: niice and strong

    The High 9/10: very uplifting high and gets the mind working again lol.. staryed giggling at newt and makes ya head feel a little fluffy..

    Length of buzz 8/10: had a big fatty filled with 1/4 of a cig and a gooood amount of the herb...hit me pretty much instantly after afew drags and was v stoned for well over an hour

    Good comments: dont no about the grow side of things but im sure canna will sort that out if needs be lol...

    Bad Comments: same as above lol

    General Comments: on the whole i really enjoyed the smoke from the headband and it has a really nice taste of something like menthol citrus with a hint of a industrial estate .. when u take a puff it releases the menthol and tastes like lockets.. i was really surprised on how good of a smoke it was and i would recommend it to anyone

    as always RESPECT thcdudeuk....
    "If You Smoke Like I Smoke Ya High Like Everyday"

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    Nice , glad u liked it mate lol.
    If you grow/use medical marijuana you are a criminal , to be classed as a patient you need to buy drugs from the goverment. Cannamancan.

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    i did mate it were quality..... had a really nice taste to it very unique. had a full 1 to myself and was v stoned lol.... then my mates bobbed round and as soon as they came in there like ' wtf is that ure smoking giz ya stuff' lmao
    all was v impressed with the smoke and we had a long debate about the taste
    so i reckon ill prop ave a bash at this strain in the future
    as always RESPECT


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