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    Hey Guys n Girls.

    Just a heads up, if you're interested - I know there's quite a few on here hate Facebook but.. there are lots of Groups, Pages and Clubs etc springing up from all over the country on FB who are actively involved in anti prohibition, sharing news and info and planning meets/protests and such.

    Here are some I've come across:

    Devon Cannabis Club
    Hull Cannabis Collective
    Derbyshire Cannabis Collective
    Kent Cannabis Consortium
    North Yorkshire Cannabis Community
    London Cannabis Club Admin
    West Yorkshire Cannabis Collective
    Barnsley Cannabis Community
    Berkshire Cannabis Community
    Merseyside Cannabis Club
    Welsh Cannabis Club
    Newport Cannabis Club
    Northern Ireland Cannabis Community
    Lanarkshire Cannabis Club
    West Lothian Cannabis Club
    Tyne & Wear Cannabis Club
    Bristol Cannabis Community
    Forest of Dean Cannabis Club
    Lancashire Cannabis Club
    Isle of White Cannabis Community
    Right To Grow
    East Surrey Cannabis Club
    Buckinghamshire Cannabis Collective
    Abingdon and Oxford Cannabis Community
    West Midlands Cannabis Community
    Birmingham Cannabis Club
    Essex Cannabis Club
    Hertfordshire Cannabis Club

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