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Thread: rndusername's Violator Kush

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    Default rndusername's Violator Kush

    Link to grow diary:

    Strain and seedbank: Barney's Farm Violator Kush - Indica

    Numbers of grows or years growing: 2nd grow (this one was mentored)

    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: In a shed outside in a tent (Lab60 (0.6mx0.6mx1.2m)) - 250w Blue CFL for veg + 250w Red + 125w Red CFL for flower - Plagron Lightmix Soil - 10l Final pots

    Nutes/Feed: BioBizz BioBloom + TopMax + Canna pk 13/14 + Rhizotonic (after repot)

    Weeks of veg: 5

    Weeks of flower: 13

    Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 15% amber 85% cloudy

    Wet yield: not sure

    Drying time: 12 days

    Dry Yield: ~ 3oz

    Curing time: Ongoing, 7 days so far

    Bud Density ?/10: 7

    Bud Appearance Comments: Quite airy

    Grindability : 7/10 (very sticky)

    Smell in veg : 6/10

    Smell in flower : 8/10

    Smell after curing ?/10: whats it smell like in the jar/bag/tub

    Smell of smoke : 8/10 - joint

    Taste : 8/10

    The High : 8.5/10 - definite evening smoke, very strong, munchies for definite!

    Length of buzz : 8/10 - 2 hours after one joint I was still pretty stoned

    Good comments: Very nice taste to the smoke. Very strong to smoke, fairly instant knock-out hit. Incredibly sticky buds, covered in trichs.

    Bad Comments: None really, not the best yielder

    General Comments: Easy to grow - this was only my 2nd grow, and it was winter, temps were very low hence the time taken to grow, but no problems at all.

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  3. up2nogood Guest


    glad you did a smoke report..sounds like you enjoyed it lol

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  5. rndusername Guest


    I wouldn't dare not do a smoke report would be pretty pointless if no-one knew how good it tastes

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  7. Grub Guest


    Nice report mate!

    Definitely sounds a nice strain.

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  9. rndusername Guest


    Will this get moved to the Barney's Farm sub-forum ? It obviously should do...

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