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Thread: Grubs-Black rose x Lemon stinky

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    Default Grubs-Black rose x Lemon stinky

    Subscribe to this Listing Add to favorites  Written by blue cheese      20-12-12, 01:10 AM     Views 3563 
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    Grow Report

    Grow Report
    black rose x lemon stinky
    Seedbank: Grub
    Link to grow diary:!!!
    Genotype: mostly indica
    Grow location: indoors
    Nutrients used: biobizz grow and bloom
    Grow equipment: 250w mh for veg
    400w hps for flower
    x1 12 inch oscilating fan
    4inch extractor fan & cf
    Weeks in veg: 4-5
    Weeks in flower: 8-9
    Colour of trichomes at harvest: 75% cloudy 25% amber
    Wet yield: not weighed
    Dry yield: not weighed
    Drying time: 9 days
    Curing Time: 2 weeks
    Bud density: 9/10 really solid copact buds
    Bud appearance: heavily crystalised buds with a hint of purple colour :)
    Grindability: 7/10 very sticky
    Smell in Veg: 6/10 very strong sweet smell
    Smell in flower: 8/10 very strong lemon/skunky aroma
    Smell after curing: very lemony
    Length of buzz: 1-2 hours
    Good comments: excellent strain to grow deffo one of my top 5 once lst'd this strain can produce a lovely bu
    Bad comments: no bad comments
    Overall rating: giving this one 9/10 easy enough to grow deffo make sure you use a filter for this strain!!

    would deffo like to grow this strain again the future.
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    blue-c's-black-rose-x-lemon stinky...finished dec 2012

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