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Thread: Palm leaf - Credit card pipe (quick help needed)

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    Default Palm leaf - Credit card pipe (quick help needed)

    A lot of you will remember the old credit card pipe of the 90's? it was a fantastically well built pipe and worth every penny! however ,the NEW ONE. I bought it today and was surprised its design/what its made from had changed ,it just isn't the same pipe it once was. It is also smaller than the original.
    Im sure its still an awesome smoke and an amazing item but i cant help but think its just not worth the money it once was.

    So far i have not even tried it as i am in two minds if i should take it back and ask if i can exchange for something else, or add to the cost and get a MFLB vaporizer. Its a cool pipe and a blast from the past so i am also strongly thinking i should keep it as im sure its guaranteed to be as good as the old style, or am i lol


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    I see what you mean about how they have changed...
    mine from years ago..

    i've just got the MFLB because like you i'm on the ecig/digital crackpipe

    i never really smoked fags much, just lots of joints, all day, anywhere but now i'm quitting baccy i needed a stealthy stone to keep me sane so i got the MFLB...and its feckin great but it takes a while to fully hit ya.........i only get 20 mins break lol.

    If you can get an instant stone another way when and where you need it i'd ditch the SPL, its cool and that but still not the best smoke out there, go for the MFLB mate, no regrets here..

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    Default Re: Palm leaf - Credit card pipe (quick help needed)

    Jeez that brings back a few memories. Still have mine somewhere in the loft i hope, as I was thinking recently I ought to try dig it out. Think I paid around £25 back in the day for it. How much are the new ones?


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