Hi guys. Anyone else use a mini corncob pipe? Mine is modified. I took my knife and widened the bowl, and the toke hole is now a disposable pen cover with the closed end cut open. Taking a hit from this is like taking a straight shot of that smooth Cruzan rum to the head. The tastes of different herb flavors in this pipe are clear and powerful. Only drawback is it can get hot if passed around. Nobody likes baked weed. I sure would like to own one of those beautiful glass pipes with the cool ass glass screens one day. I own several other "fancy" pipes like wooden sherlocks, beatiful hookahs, Rasta chalices, and such. But this old smoke darkened mini corncob pipe will always be my favorite. It might not be the prettiest pipe, but like the playgirl said to her startled buddies: "hey, he might be ugly, but he puts out." One Love to the Thctalk family.