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Thread: Spannabis 2013 15th, 16th & 17th February Barcelona Spain

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    Quote Originally Posted by VMAX View Post
    you gonna pop ya pics up dude?
    Only got a few of shanti, howard and Jorge. Nowt worth posting really but to keep you happy.

    Shantibaba(Mr Nice Seeds Breeder), Howard Marks (Mr Nice) and Jeff Ditchfield (Author)

    During filming this was as close we could get to smoking a spliff with Mr Marks. This was my joint (with weed kindly donated to me by a different forum's member I met up there, fair to say he kept me in weed for the weekend as did Vmax lol). Puff Puff Pass was in full effect and like I say the closest we got to having a spliff with him. I know there are plenty on this forum that have shared a spliff with him and this is mine. Lmao.

    Jorge Cervantes (Author) Howard Marks (Mr Nice)

    See secret drug deals do go down in Spain.

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    Excellent stuff Talpa! Thanks for the great pics of some legends and you having a choof! Love it!

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    cool pics dude, aarrhh the memories.

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    Looks like you had a great time chaps.

    I see Jeff Ditchfield was there and I met him at the Madrid expo last year and took him aside to shake his hand and thank him for all that he's done as regards supplying cannabis for sick people.

    I also see Tigrane the publisher and I had a good chat with him in Madrid ( mainly trying to sell me ad space! ) and it was him that invited me to hang out with Howard and crew at this years show.

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    Spannabis 2014, any reports from there? Did "Weed like to talk" have any representation there?

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